Creating and Testing the DIGITOO Toolkit: Enhancing Media and Digital Literacy in Education

(by Olga Daitche and Alessio Vertemati, OneOff-tech, 10-03-2023) 

In autumn 2023, the DIGITOO project will start a new phase! The DIGITOO-Team will try out, what it has discussed, developed, produced since October 2022: A list of competences and skills needed to develop media and digital literacy and the supporting activities to introduce them in already established school programs. These include for example critical thinking, information access or digital health and well-being. As part of the project goals, a first draft of a toolkit with different activities that address the competences for education professionals has been developed. The final version will be available in seven languages and includes methods to support teachers in improving the media and digital literacy competences of their students (aged 14-19).

TOOLKIT – Implementation in the classroom

A first draft of the toolkit for teachers has been elaborated, suggesting different activities for each competence that can be easily integrated into regular school lessons. In autumn 2023, the DIGITOO-Team will organise workshops for the participating teachers to discuss and, if necessary, fine-tune and adapt the proposed activities according to the teaching realities of the involved schools. Is the task appropriate for the target group? Can all young people in all countries relate to the content of the tasks in the same way? These and similar questions will be discussed and then the toolkit will be finalised. In spring 2024, the elaborated activities will then be tested with young people in each of the schools.

HANDBOOK – A little Do-it-Yourself for Digital Ecology

At the same time, a handbook for young people about digital ecology is under development. It will contain age-appropriate information for young people about how digital technology affects our environment and “What can YOU do?” The development of the handbook will also be discussed in the next months, and elaborated to be distributed to students in 2024.

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