Partner schools get together to share experiences about the pilots

Spring 2024 marks an important milestone for the Digitoo project. All partner schools are using the Digitoo Toolkit and the Digital Ecology Handbook with students and everyone felt that it was time to share their experiences.

The Institut de Vic is hosting the third face-to-face meeting of the Digitoo project on 18 and 19 April 2024.

More than 20 teachers were involved to test the activities that are part of the Digital Citizenship Toolkit and to challenge students on digital ecology. The schools involved students from different levels, aged 12-18, who tried out the activities.

Students, for example, were given the following task:

  • Investigate fake news or identify digital footprints hidden in pictures.
  • Discover how much time they spend on social media, YouTube and other services
  • Discuss and challenge the use of devices while discussing a possible balance
  • Raise awareness within their families about e-waste

The responses and feedback from both teachers and students were enlightening. Pupils, with the help of teachers, produced videos to be shared, created a podcast to be broadcast on the school radio and organised an e-waste collection campaign to promote the recycling of electronic equipment in the country. Some preferred to write poems and create comic strips in local languages for distribution.

A special mention goes to the “Digital Detox Day”. An activity that proved to be challenging for all students.

The toolkit and the handbook will soon be available shortly for everyone else to use.

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