Main Tangible Results

Digitoo School Toolkit On Digital Citizenship, Digital Ecology And Digital Footprint

The Toolkit can be used by school teachers of all Europe, as it is a collection of tools, methodologies and OERs on several aspects of digital citizenship that can be integrated – without modifying school curricula – in ordinary lessons of different subjects, from ICT to Civic Education (ethics, privacy and safety issues, sustainability of digital lifestyles), Literature (how to produce textual contents online), Science (elements of digital ecology, technical aspects of digital literacy), History (how to recognize fake news and find reliable sources), and so on. This result will contribute to the achievement of all project objectives and selected priorities.

Train-The-Trainers Course On The Delivery Of Digital Citizenship Competences

The TTT Course will be held online targeting 18 school teachers, but the training package will be made available as OER on Erasmus+ Results Platform and will therefore be accessible to school teachers all over Europe and beyond. This results will help achieve project Obj 1 and 2 and will in particular contribute to E+ priority “Supporting teaching professions”.

Digitoo Handbook On Digital Ecology

This short, interactive and catchy document will target youngsters and it will be the project’s most widely disseminated product, aimed at raising general awareness on sustainable digital lifestyles. It contributes to project Obj 3 and to E+ priority “Environment and fight against climate change”.

Main Intangible Results

  • Increased skills of 18 teachers on how to deliver digital citizenship competences to their students
  • Increased digital and media literacy of 360 school students aged 14-19
  • Improved training offer in the field of digital citizenship skills of the 6 schools involved
  • Increased training offer of ASR and OOT.
  • Increased knowledge of the partner organizations on good practices to reduce the environmental impact of digital daily activities.
  • Greater capacity of partner organizations to raise awareness of their students thanks to a new tool available for them to use.
  • Increased awareness of 6000 students on the impact of digital online activities and on how to reduce this impact with their daily behaviors.